Who we are

We help Startups create AI employees to automate their business processes.

Wano was founded on the unwavering belief that humans deserve to work less — most notably in developing countries. We exist because businesses need a faster and cheaper way for their teams to get work done more efficiently.

A future where this happens will mean more prosperity for everyone

The Global Vision of Wano

Accelerate human productivity on the internet.

We are building a world where businesses will managed by 10 humans, and powered by 10,000 AI employees — the result of this will accelerate human productivity on the internet. This change that has already begun — a paradigm shift on how businesses get more tasks organised, executed and completed. In the not-so-distant future, every business in the world should be able to get repetitive and complex tasks done as fast as possible, with a lot less effort, at a fraction of the cost.

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The Mission of Wano

Give every business the power to create AI employees in one-click.

When we started building Wano in 2023, we had only one end goal — to give every business on the internet the power to instantly create their own AI employees uniquely trained to perform all kinds of white collar jobs (like sales, banking, accounting, customer care, coding etc) to serve their business needs. This is a particularly difficult goal to achieve because it required building a digital consciousness that could in practice:

  • Fundamentally understand any professional skill

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